Audio specifications vary for each and every event, that's why the team at Lighthouse Studio is dedicated to providing you with the gear you need at the quality you require.

Lighthouse Studio maintains high quality equipment that is suitable for parties, discos, birthdays, bands or theatre productions.

With the customer always in mind, we provide cost effective audio solutions while maintaining our professional quality.



Lighthouse Studio embraces the latest available lighting and effect technologies, including LED and moving lights. We are devoted to fulfill your requirements to the best standard, while maintaining a cost effective service.

Our team is dedicated to find the correct equipment for your event, therefore we provide a number of effects and lighting products, including smoke machines, laser lights, strobes and party effects. The range of equipment can be custom selected to suit your environment, whether it be a formal 21st, vibrant 18th or a relaxing evening with friends.


Party Hire & DJ

When you reach that milestone in your life of a significant birthday, or decide to throw a surprise party at a friends place, many want to celebrate with all of their friends in style. That’s why Lighthouse Studio is dedicated to provide professional quality DJing to get the party started and going long into the night. The range of products the company owns is designed to make that special party one to remember.

Whether you want to plug your iPod into the PA, or want a DJ to take care of the tracks, we can provide any party with the equipment you desire to make that party spirit last.

Ensure to book early to obtain your required products and date.

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Each and every photo tells a story. The team at Lighthouse Studio embraces this, that's why we are dedicated to ensure every picture we create depicts every aspect with precision and professional quality.

Depending on your event or requirements, Lighthouse Studio will select the correct equipment for the job and ensure the style the client wants to capture. Whether you want to remember your party with happy snaps, capture special events or want to undertake a professional photo shoot, our team will provide a cost effective solution for your occasion.

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Web Design

A web presence is the most important medium an organisation is depicted in. Therefore, professional grade quality is required when presenting the aspects your company or group. We understand that modern graphic design and unique characteristics are an integral part of web design.

The team at Lighthouse Studio is devoted to work closely with our customer to ensure we provide the exact solution in mind, to each little detail. The team embraces the latest online technologies to ensure a modern look and make it easy to depict the required information to your audience.

Web Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design and logo development is an integral method of communication with clients. Therefore, unique and memorable designs are required to create and maintain communication with your audience. Lighthouse Studio creates every design with your professional integrity in mind, therefore maintaining high quality service.

The team is dedicated to ensure your desired requirements are reached and will not complete a project without 100% accuracy. We work closely with our clients, informing them of progress and design samples of our precision products.